Product Specialist Fruits (Ripenning)

Indonesia, DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Utara, Jl. Inspeksi Cakung Drain, Cilincing, RT 08 RW 03, Cilincing, Kota Jakarta Utara (Komplek Puninar Logistics)
Type: Staff
Sector: Sales and Supply Chain
Main Responsibility       :
Perform High Quality Fresh Product Ripening with Market & Customer Focus
  • Fruit Ripening Process Preparation Checklist
  • Prepare Material of Fresh Products
  • Handling Storage of Fresh Products
  • Perform and Maintain Product Inventory & Data Management
  • Storage of Products According to Standards with Inventory in Grouping or Category
  • Maintenance Tools and Equipment Ripening
  • Generate Reports (Forecast, Inventory, Maintenance)
  • Performing Research to Find Successful & Effective Ripening Formula of Fresh Products treatment
  • Generate and Maintain Standard of Ripening Procedure
  • Willing to Take Part in Training Development Skills (Training Agreement)
  • Having knowledge in Handling Product of Horticulture will be Advantages
General Requirement   :
  • Candidate must possess at least  Diploma in Agriculture/Aquaculture/Forestry or equivalent.
  • Preferably 1 Year Experience Specialized in Agriculture/Forestry/Fisheries or equivalent.
  • Saturday or Shift Working Hours Required.
  • Location: Jakarta (Cakung)